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BlueCast X5 SLA

119,00 €Prijs

BlueCast X5 for Formlabs and SLA 3d printers

Castable: Yes - Castability: Extreme 

Compatible with: Form1+ (castable v2) / Form2 (gray v3) / Dws (dc400) / b9 (emerald) / Compatible SLA (405 nm)


Washing mode: Ethyl / IPA alcohol 30 seconds _ Drying with compressed air

UV care: Not needed

Shrinkage: Minimum

Color: Light Blue

Primercat: Suggested

Size: 500 gr

BlueCast X5 has been designed in order to help jewelers in realizing difficult models where dimensional accuracy and structural qualities are required.

X5 is raw material based on a synthetized oligomer produced by BlueCast, for which patent is going to be applied.

Thank to this resin, it is possible reach outstanding direct casting quality with any type of investment. X5 fits all jewelry needs from filigree to medals as well dental ones. Printed parts are strong enough to be handled without post-cure process, allowing for a faster, simpler workflow.

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